SuperHuman Protocol

Are you struggling with chronic weariness, severe pain, or declined mental clarity? These indications highlight that little or no oxygen reaches your tissues and organs. But don’t worry! You can eliminate all such obstructions in only one session of IVitality’s SuperHuman Protocol. We certify to bring your body back towards harmonization and strength!

What is SuperHuman Protocol?

Comprehending what is the SuperHuman Protocol reveals a novel wellness regimen. We use cutting-edge technologies to enhance the limits of human capability. Reaching optimal health is only one aspect of it. The other is realizing your full potential and overcoming obstacles!

Our Superhuman Protocol is a comprehensive health development program. Our qualified and experienced professionals are intended to strengthen your body’s physical and recuperative capacities.
Our protocol centers on three fundamental components. These are necessary for life support:

  • NLight treatment
  • NOxygen therapy
  • NMagnetism (pulsed magnetic field therapy)

Note: Our SuperHuman Protocol provides general wellness and health support. However, it does not serve as a replacement for customized medical advice or care.

What is the SuperHuman Regimen?

We utilize the latest pioneering technologies in our SuperHuman regimen:

Red Light Therapy

HyperMax Oxygen EWOT System


Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise

These techniques complement one another to improve your:

  • NGeneral well-being
  • NMental clarity
  • NPhysical performance

What is the Protocol for SuperHuman?

Your quest for IVitality’s ‘SuperHuman Protocol near meis based on the following characteristics:

  • Thirty minutes to an hour
  • Outcomes: Restoring energy, easing pain, and relieving weariness
  • Anesthesia: Not necessary
  • Rehabilitation: Not necessary

Is SuperHuman Protocol Safe to Use?

Our SuperHuman Protocol places a high priority on safety. We guarantee efficacy and safety at every step. Each component is put through a thorough testing process.

Our professionals, with extensive expertise, prioritize your welfare. We can customize, create, and oversee our processes if needed!

Benefits of the SuperHuman Protocol

There are several advantages to the SuperHuman Protocol. Our clients go on a life-changing journey towards:

  • Optimal performance and vitality
  • Elevated energy levels
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Quicker recuperation
  • Better sleep

Why is the SuperHuman Protocol so Powerful?

Our SuperHuman Protocol’s effectiveness stems from its comprehensive optimization strategy:

  • Producing a synergistic impact
  • Magnifying effects by treating several aspects of health at once
  • Distinguishing our all-encompassing approach from traditional wellness methods.

What to Expect to Transform Yourself?

Taking the first step towards the SuperHuman Protocol is like unleashing your body’s potential. Clients can expect observable health benefits in strength, vitality, energy, and concentration.
These benefits compound as the routine goes on. They result in a significant physical and mental transformation.

SuperHuman Protocol in Three Technologies

We present our SuperHuman Protocol review that showcases the integration of three innovative technologies:

Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise

PEMF technology improves your body’s characteristics by stimulating cellular activity. PEMF mainly works on the following:

  • Blood circulation
  • Cellular healing
  • Nutritional absorption

From the inside out, it maximizes cellular function. It also sets the stage for optimal performance.

In PEMF Cellular Exercise, patients lie on a mat. This mat emits low-frequency electromagnetic waves. These radiations promote:

  • Generation of energy and nitric oxide
  • Blood vessel enlargement

HyperMax Oxygen EWOT System

During the activity, the body is flooded with highly oxygenated air through SuperHuman Protocol oxygen mask in Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

EWOT maximizes the absorption and transport of oxygen to the tissues. This high-oxygen atmosphere:

  • Boosts general vitality
  • Quickens recuperation after exercises
  • Intensifies physical activity

Our patients work out while breathing only pure oxygen. It increases:

  • Heart rate
  • Boosts vitality
  • Reduces inflammation

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy (RLT) stimulates:

  • Cellular healing
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases the creation of collagen

These RLT targets are achieved by utilizing the ability of specific light wavelengths to permeate deeply into tissues. This non-invasive method revitalizes your body from the inside out by improving cellular function.

The benefits of infrared light treatment are improved skin tone and structure, fewer wrinkles, and increased relaxation.

Who Would Use the SuperHuman Protocol?

The SuperHuman Protocol is best for those dedicated to pushing their boundaries and will not accept mediocrity. This revolutionary program helps anybody looking to maximize their performance and well-being!

Who Would Benefit from SuperHuman?

The SuperHuman Protocol can help you if you want to:

  • Increase general vitality
  • Recover from exercises and injuries more quickly
  • Perform better physically and mentally
  • Sleep better

It is for people who chase greatness in all facets of life and won’t settle for anything less!

Typically, our Superhuman Protocol serves a broad spectrum of people, including:

  • Recuperating athletes
  • Exercise aficionados
  • Office workers seeking vitality
  • People in constant discomforting situations

SuperHuman Protocol with Red Light Panels

Red light panels are a crucial part of the SuperHuman Protocol. They provide focused light treatment to improve your cellular function and encourage healing.

Our red light treatment allows us to provide our clients with a more thorough approach to optimization with consistently excellent outcomes!

Why the Order is Important (Magnetism + Oxygen + Light)?

The SuperHuman Protocol’s treatment plan is thoughtfully designed to maximize outcomes. We optimize the synergistic benefits of each modality. We:

  • Begin with PEMF to increase cellular activity
  • Proceed with EWOT to oxygenate tissues
  • End with red light therapy to aid in healing and recovery


  • Increases blood flow. It provides tissues and organs with more nutrients and oxygen.
  • Stimulates the synthesis of ATP and cell function
  • Minimizes inflammation, eases discomfort, and hastens the healing process
  • Reduces tension and anxiety while strengthening bones


  • Enhances the ability of cells and tissues to absorb oxygen
  • Increases cardiovascular system strength and increases exercise endurance
  • Speeds your healing by getting rid of metabolic waste
  • It enhances the immune system and fosters mental clarity


  • Improves the texture and health of the skin. It also minimizes wrinkles
  • Reduces discomfort and promotes healing following inflammation
  • Improves joint range of motion
  • Encourages muscle regeneration
  • Elevates mood and quality of sleep

Why Choose the SuperHuman Protocol?

The SuperHuman Protocol’s unmatched efficacy and comprehensiveness set it apart from conventional wellness techniques. It’s the best option for anyone looking to reach their maximum potential because of its proven track record of producing exceptional outcomes, scientific backing, and expert assistance.

You can also check out our SuperHuman Protocol reviews of our previous clients!

How Do You Become a Real SuperHuman?

The initial step towards optimization is the first step towards becoming a true SuperHuman. Search for our SuperHuman Protocol locations and visit us to fulfill your wellness commitments!

We present a world of innovative wellness opportunities you never imagined. Are you prepared to overcome obstacles and reach your full potential? Come with us as we embark on the epic voyage. Let’s discuss your customized SuperHuman Protocol price budget and kickstart the sessions!