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Emsculpt Neo


    If you’re searching for ‘EMSCULPT NEO near me,’ you’re exactly where you need to be!

    IVitalityMD’s EMSCULPT NEO is at the forefront regarding non-invasive body contouring technology.

    • Dual Modality: Targets and reduces fat with a fat burning machine; builds muscle with a muscle setup machine.
    • Core Techniques:
      • High-Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic (HIFEM) Muscle Stimulation
      • Radiofrequency Heating
    • Advantages: Avoids surgery and long recovery times.
    • Offer: Part of IVitalityMD’s extensive cosmetic therapy services.
    • Results: Achieve your desired body shape in just 30 minutes.

      Natural Fat Loss Facts!

      Age and Muscle Loss

      Beyond 30, you naturally have more body fat beyond metabolism.

      Muscle Matters

      Your metabolic rate determines your ability to burn calories effectively, which is mainly influenced by your muscle mass.

      The Calorie Connection

      Unburned calories are retained as fat when your muscular mass decreases. However, calorie intake remains constant.

      Hormones and Muscle Decline

      As you age, your growth hormone, testosterone, and estrogen levels naturally drop.

      What are EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo?

      EMSCULPT is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes high-intensity electromagnetic pulses (HIFEM) to stimulate muscle contractions while simultaneously targeting fat cells for reduction. This simulates intensive physical exercises without needing surgery or recovery time. Deep supramaximal contractions caused by EMSculpt remodel the inner structure of targeted muscles while simultaneously decreasing fat cells.

      EMSCULPT NEO represents the next generation by Combining electromagnetic and radiofrequency (RF) energy in this technology, it improves fat reduction by heating fat stores under the skin for more rapid muscle-building and fat reduction than its predecessor, producing better muscle-building and fat-reduction results.

      Difference between EMSculpt Neo vs EMSculpt

      EMSculpt Neo stands apart from its counterpart, EMSculpt, with its advanced technology. While EMSculpt relies solely on HIFEM energy for muscle toning and fat reduction, while EMSculpt Neo integrates HIFEM energy with radiofrequency for greater muscle toning, fat breakdown acceleration, tissue temperature-raising benefits as well as muscle development enhancement through increasing body temperature. An electrode designed exclusively for EMSculpt Neo facilitates this blend, ensuring maximum muscle development at faster rates of fat breakdown while more effectively increasing tissue temperatures.

      Feature EmSculpt EmSculpt Neo
      Non-surgical Yes Yes
      Non-invasive Yes Yes
      Anesthesia No No
      Downtime None None
      Reduces Fat By 19% 30%
      Builds Muscle 16% 25%
      Tightens Skin No Yes

      Heat promotes increased blood flow to muscles, enabling faster and stronger muscle growth. It also targets fat layers for disintegration, resulting in permanent fat reduction. This dual-action approach sets EMSculpt Neo apart from other body contouring methods like fat freezing, which focuses solely on eliminating excess fat without simultaneously building muscles.

      EMSculpt Neo can induce up to 24,000 muscle contractions within 30 minutes of treatment, creating remarkable results. Notably, it reduces fat by 30 percent while increasing muscle mass by 25 percent within three months post-treatment, making it an outstanding body contouring choice.

      “After just one EMSCULPT NEO session at IVitalityMD, I was thrilled to see a significant improvement in my body shape.”

      10 Body Areas EMSCUPLT NEO Can Treat

      “After my first EMSCULPT NEO session at IVitalityMD, I noticed a remarkable 50% improvement in my body contour.”

      How Does Emsculpt NEO Work?

      EMS SCULPT machine functions using the complementary technicalities of Radiofrequency Heating and HIFEM Muscle Stimulation. This procedure is consented to only if your body mass index (BMI) is or exceeds 34.
      Radiofrequency Heating
      This method heats fat cells with radio waves. These waves alter their structural integrity, causing them to decompose and be expelled by the body. This procedure eventually results in a declining volume of unhealthy fat cells. It also improves the body’s contours. Clinical studies show an average 30% reduction in fat after treatment.

      HIFEM Muscle Stimulation

      EMSCULPT NEO causes powerful muscular contractions beyond what can be produced by voluntary contractions alone. These powerful contractions promote muscular development and definition, making the muscles appear more sculpted.

      Muscles expand and thicken as a result of these ‘supramaximal contractions.’ After just four sessions, the therapy shows increased muscle mass and a definition of up to 25%.

      Because it combines these two modalities, The EM SCULPT machine is a compelling piece of equipment. It provides body contouring treatment, targeting simultaneous fat removal and muscle strengthening. You’ll be lean and fit before you realize this massive healthful impact!

      What are the Body Contouring Goals with EMSCULPT NEO?

      EMSCULPT NEO is made to tackle several body-contouring objectives, such as:

      Fat Reduction

      Our innovative technicalities are infused into the procedure. We concentrate on your stubborn fatty deposits in different body regions

      Body Shaper Butt Lift

      We offer this non-surgical substitute for a conventional butt lift operation. EMSCULPT NEO can improve the firmness and form of the buttocks.

      Abdominal Definition

      EMSCULPT NEO helps you get the desired appearance. Figure sculpt procedures help you get a more toned, defined belly.

      How Long Does NEO EMSCULPT Last?

      Long-lasting effects are possible with EMSCULPT NEO as long as you are determined to lead a wholesome lifestyle.
      Our numerous patients have reported notable improvements in body contouring. You can also sustain such positive health changes by combining them with a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, individualized outcomes may differ.
      Don’t panic! All our treatments are specially tailored to your unique health concerns!

      Before & After

      “Every area of the body, whether impacted by injury or illness, has the potential to become an interference field, leading to disruptions throughout the body’s systems”

      Frequently Asked Questions


      Can IVitalityMD's Figure Sculpting Equipment Help Tone and Define Muscles?

      Without a doubt!

      We take pride in providing EMSCULPT NEO and other cutting-edge figure-sculpting tools at IVitalityMD. We aim to fully assist you in defining and toning your muscles via a muscle machine.

      EMSCULPT NEO encourages you to reach your goals, whether you are trying to improve the definition of the muscles in any targeted body region!

      What are the Benefits of Using IVitalityMD's EMSCULPT NEO for Body Contouring?

      EMSCULPT benefits you with several advantages when it comes to body contouring, such as:


      All you need is a few treatment sessions. EMS SCULPTing machine enable you to see noticeable changes in body contouring.


      EMSCULPTing NEO is entirely non-invasive – neither incisions, needles, nor anesthesia!

      No Downtime

      Our EMSCULPT NEO treatments do not involve downtime. Therefore, you can effortlessly resume your regular activities right away.


      EMSCULPT NEO can target various body parts. It enables thorough body shaping in a single, easy treatment session.

      Natural-Looking Outcomes

      EMSCULPT NEO produces natural outcomes. It enables you to reach your ideal body type without seeming ‘overdone.’

      Consider all these aspects! Our EMSCULPT NEO provides a simple, safe, and effective option for reaching your body contouring objectives.

      Feel the Change with IVitalityMD EMSCULPT NEO Difference!

      It is time to discover the flexibility of the EMSCULPT NEO price at iVitalityMD. If you are prepared to change your physique and ultimately accomplish your body contouring objectives, visit us today to plan your sessions!

      We offer customized treatment regimens. These are customized to your particular necessities. Our workforce of aesthetic professionals is focused on making you feel and put your best self forward!

      Reach out to us to plan your consultation sessions. You can negotiate your concerns, such as, ‘How much is EMSCULPT?‘.Get EMSCULPT NEO to have a more contoured, leaner body. Let us assist you in recognizing your ideal body – it’s already within your easy reach!

      Experience the power of neural therapy.